Hi! My name is Jessica, I'm a married mama of two awesome girls and the owner of Blume Market! I graduated magna cum laude from the Art Institute of Los Angeles where I majored in Fashion Design. I interned for the amazingly talented Rebecca Minkoff then went on to work in the design trenches of Jessica Simpson, Seven Jeans, and Harley Davidson to name a few. I also worked in the Costume Department of the hit TV show Without a Trace many moons ago!  

While I have always loved fashion, I'm simply a lover of all beautiful things. I'm the person that can spot quality a mile away and unlucky for the husband my eye always goes straight for the most expensive thing in the room.  I started Blume Market in 2016 to bring the beautiful simplicity of handcrafted products back to the luxury gifting market. I never knew that I would meet such insanely talented creators.  When our customers repeatedly asked for our products in pre-designed gift boxes we felt a push to grow from our tiny little gift shop in Westlake Village, CA into an e-commerce luxury gifting brand and here we are, in love with gifting! We currently operate out of an adorable little town in north Texas.


My Grandmother, Virginia (I called her Grams) has always inspired my creativity.  Inspired by her life, her stories and her adorable fashion sense, she encouraged me to follow my dreams and go to fashion school. I would sit for hours listening to her stories about when she met my Grandfather while he was stationed in the Air Force in WWII. Her stories took me back to that time when life seemed so simple and romantic.

  When she passed away in 2011 there was a huge void in my heart. I hope that she would be proud of what I've created with Blume Market and the thoughtfulness behind it. She instilled in me the importance of manners, thoughtfulness and empathy and I put that into every gift we make.

The name Blume is a family name dating back to my great, great grandmother, Louisa Blume but also reminiscent of the gardenia and magnolia blooms my Grams wore in her hair as a girl.

Your SINGLE gift box purchase supports 3-7 small U.S. business owners!

When you shop with us you are not only getting top quality, handcrafted goods, but you are supporting my dream and the dream every person that put skill and love into the items you purchase and you can't beat that!



When starting Blume Market my mind was set on bringing beautiful small-batch product lines to the gifting market that have a vintage flair and to curate exceptional quality items from local artists and designers in the United States to help grow their small businesses and showcase their talents.

Here are a few things you can expect of our products:

  • Handcrafted and/or made in small-batches by American artisans

  • Every product in our ready-to-give boxes is Made in the USA

  • All of our makers use top quality, premium materials & ingredients and care about sourcing materials locally.


The products you'll find at Blume Market will always meet a very high standard of quality. You can rest assured knowing it was crafted in small quantities by the hands of an artist.

We strive to avoid fillers, preservatives and chemicals in the products we curate for our gifts.

On occasion or by client request we will purchase items from Europe for custom orders only.

Our wood boxes are made in Minnesota and Los Angeles, CA.

Our foldable reusable chip board boxes are made in the UK using 92% recyclable materials.

One single person designs and packages your gift box with care from start to finish, including your handwritten note!

I hope you enjoy our handmade gifts, we are so glad you're here!