Magic Lava Dreams 46" Double Wrap Gemstone Necklace

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You have chosen this piece because something about it called out to you. Welcome to your intuition! Use these gemstones for any of the reasons that stand out the most. That’s what intuition is all about. Knowing what is best for your mind, body and soul. When I work with your gemstones, I am giving them the highest form of love and light as a level 1 Reiki. Activating and charging your gemstones with energy from source. These stones were also charged in the February 2017 Full Moon, giving additional healing from our powerful universe.      
All gemstone used are Grade A or higher, free of Dye. I use Sterling silver findings and Nylon cording.
This listing is for 46 inch necklace that will wrap around twice.
Also included are Lava stones for an essential oil diffuser. Clear Quartz crystal pendant is 1.5 inches.
Lava stone
Although Lava Stone is not technically a Crystal, it is used in the same way Crystal are used and has distinct healing properties. Containing elemental powers of fire and earth, lava rocks are rich in minerals from deep in the earth’s core. Born of fire, these molten creations rise to the surface and become porous creations of earth. Fire is one of the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science. It was commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion, while earth was commonly associated with qualities of practicality, restraint and materialism. It is used for strength, courage and grounding. Lava rock is also known to increase energy and power. Worn for stability during times of change it is a strong grounding stone that strengthens your connection to the Earth. A great energy for the Root Chakra when that scattered energy calls and you need to focus and find balance. When a person is drawn to lava rock it might be because they need the fire or energy in their life.
•    Emotional: Since lava is known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. In fact, the quality of fire springs from the ground, so in terms of healing gems, this lends itself to a calming- but intense- energy. Because it comes from raw energy, it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.
•    Spiritual: Lava stones are fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. This is because of the strong connection to the earth and its creation within the center of Earth. In folk remedies, it was also given to soldiers to help them remain calm during battle.
** ESSENTIAL OILS TIP FOR LAVA STONE BEAD** Gently apply 1-2 drops or roll-on your favorite essential oil onto the lava rock to infuse them with your scent. The porous nature of the lava rock allows the beads to easily soak in the oil and your body heat aids in gently diffusing the scent to create your personal wearable aromatherapy diffuser. The oil can least anywhere from 1-3 days. Re-apply as needed.
Clear Quartz (pendant)
Clear Quartz crystals are some of the most common types of crystal on the planet. Also known as rock crystals, they have a very strong vibration and excellent metaphysical properties, and are the easiest crystals to program, which may be used for a variety of purposes. Even though these crystals may be quite common, many of these stones have a very high vibration.  They resonate strongly within the eighth chakra, commonly known as the soul star chakra, and within the higher transpersonal chakras. The beautiful clear white light of the white ray is your connection to the Divine Mind, and white is the color for the eighth chakra. Using Clear Quartz Crystals will assist the higher chakras to emanate white light and aids your connection with spirit. These crystals also create a powerful resonance within both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, which is the highest chakra in the physical body. The crown chakra connects you up to the soul star chakra, situated in the etheric body above the head. It brings clarity to your communication and will amplify your thoughts and may assist you by stimulating clearer thinking. It has a strong resonance, which is why it is commonly used by healers as part of crystal healing. It has a positive effect on all chakras as it protects the aura and expands the human energy field. Although this stone is usually thought of as one of the chakra stones for the higher chakras, it will aid all chakras.
•    Physical: AIDS/HIV, Burns, Healing-after-Surgery, Heartburn, Immune-System, Kidneys, Memory, Pain, Pineal-gland, Sleep, Thyroid, Toothache, Vertigo, Vitality
•    Emotional: Acceptance, Emotional-Balance, Emotional-Healing, Friendship, Harmony, Joy, Perseverance, Reducing-Stress-Stress/Tension, Stabilize-Emotions
•    Spiritual: Affirmation-Statements, Amplify-Healing/Prayers/Wishes, Attract-Angels, Higher-Consciousness/Self, Higher-Realms, Humility, Increase-Consciousness, Inner-Child, Positive-Affirmations, Receptivity-to-Spirit-Guides, Shamanic-Healing, Spiritual-Awakening, Spiritual-Guidance, Telepathy, Unity
Black Tourmaline
(blak TOUR-muh-leen) is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack.  Black Tourmaline also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or a space.  Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. A popular metaphysical stone, Black Tourmaline is also great for grounding.  It balances, harmonizes, and protects all of the Chakras.  Use Black Tourmaline to protect against electromagnetic "smog" (i.e. cell phones, computers, etc), radiation, noise sensitivity and other such disturbances.  Black Tourmaline can be used as an aid to remove fear and boost self-confidence. Black Tourmaline has a calming effect when needed, grounding flighty or scattered energies into the earth.  Those who face challenges from negativity, frequent worrying, and/or OCD can work with Black Tourmaline to help heal these issues.  Carry a piece of Black Tourmaline in your pocket to increase physical vitality throughout your day.  Meditation with Black Tourmaline can enhance the integration of insights and visions into one's daily life.
Physically, Black Tourmaline helps to strengthen the immune system, balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and detoxify the body.  Black Tourmaline is very helpful when dealing with illnesses of the lungs such as bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia and Pleurisy.
•    Physical: Addictions, Arthritis, Chemotherapy, Dyslexia, Electromagnetic-Pollution, Heart, Physical-Protection, Radiation, Root-Chakra
•    Emotional: Anxiety, Critical, Fear, Negativity, Reduce-Anxiety, Stress/Tension
•    Spiritual: Dispel-Negativity, E.T.-Contact, Etheric-Body, Humility, Protection, Psychic-Protection, Reducing-Negative-Energy, Serenity, Shielding, Stop-Negative-Vibrations.
Smoky Quartz
A very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical and psychic protection. It is also an excellent stone for protection from negative energy, as It removes negativity and negative energy of any kind and transforms them to positive energy. As a root chakra stone, smoky quartz enhances survival instincts, and can help one reach personal and business goals. It is also used in assisting in making wishes come true by grounding their essence in reality.  Thus, it is a stone that brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Smoky quartz is beneficial mentally in several ways. It fosters cooperation in groups and supports their efforts energetically. It engenders creativity by bringing the same energies of grounding the creative process in reality to bring imaginative efforts to fulfillment   Smoky quartz also works energetically to assist in prioritizing needs and wants, and brings wisdom to everyday life. Emotionally, smoky quartz is excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. Smoky quartz relieves stress, fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. It is a helpful stone for enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength. Smoky quartz is very comforting and calming, and can be considered a stone of serenity. It can, therefore, be very helpful in relieving grief. In the psychic and spiritual realms, smoky quartz centers one during meditation, and can provide a grounded link between the physical and higher selves, helping to uncover subconscious wisdom.  Using smoky quartz during meditation enables you to reach higher states of consciousness. Smoky quartz also stimulates kundalini. Because smoky quartz transforms and removes negative energy, it also protects and cleanses the aura and astral bodies. It can be used effectively for psychic shielding. Physically, smoky quartz has been used in crystal healing to treat many different problems associated with the lower torso including kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, fertility issues. Smoky quartz also is used to remove toxins from the body and helps the adrenal glands. It is also very helpful for regulating body fluids and relieving fluid retention. Smoky quartz is also a preferred crystal healer's stone for dealing with insomnia, nightmares, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder. Smoky quartz is said to be good for balancing and improving one's general health.
•    Physical: Abdomen, Balance, Balance-Physical-Body, Body, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Feet, Headaches, Healing-the-Earth, Hip-Pain, Infertility, Kidneys, Legs, Night-Terrors, Nightmares, Pain, Pancreas, Radiation, Remove-Toxins, Tumors, Understanding-Death
•    Emotional: Depression, Grounding, Resentment, Stress/Tension
•    Spiritual: Aura-Clearing, Aura-Protection, Balances-Yang, Base-Chakra, Dispel-Negativity, Electromagnetic-Pollution, Enhance-Dreams-Stimulate-Dreams, Grounding, Healing-the-Earth, Psychic-Protection, Root-Chakra
Rose Quartz
This is the stone of unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love - love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. Because it is a type of quartz, Rose Quartz does have a high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing. The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and disease associated with holding on to such negative emotions. Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be used to attract love. Put a piece of Rose Quartz by your bedside table, or in the relationship corner of a room or home to attract new love or to add trust and re-commitment to existing relationships. Rose Quartz adds loving energy to relationships, bringing calm and peace. The comforting and soothing energy of Rose Quartz can also help heal a broken heart, allowing release of pent-up emotions and grief. Rose Quartz also helps release unexpressed feelings about others. Physically, Rose Quartz is used to heal ailments of the thymus, heart, and lungs. Rose Quartz is also known to help heal breast cancer and is an excellent support stone for most other types of cancer as well. Rose Quartz helps bring about a more youthful complexion; aides in circulatory, heart, adrenal gland, spleen and kidney ailments; alleviates vertigo, asthma and varicose veins; eases problems with sexual frustration and balances the sex drive.
•    Physical: Alzheimer's, Anorexia, Bruises, Bulimia, Burns, Cough, Dementia, Dying-Process/Transition, Emphysema, Fatigue, Hysterectomy, Infertility, Kidneys, Lungs, Menstrual, Migraine, Neck, Pain, PTSD, Shingles, Skin
•    Emotional: Acceptance, Aggression, Anger, Calming-Soothing, Care-of-Self, Comfort, Conflicts, Crisis, Crying, Depression, Despair, Emotional-Balance, Emotional-Blockages, Emotional-Healing, Emotional-Release, Emotional-Trauma, Forgive, Forgiveness, Frustration, Gentleness, Grief, Guilt, Happiness, Hurt-Feelings, Jealousy, Joy, Kindness, Loneliness, Lonely, Love, Nurture, Over-Sensitive, Peacefulness, Perseverance, Positive-Energy, Positive/Affirmation-Statements, Rage, Reducing-Stress, Relaxing, Removes-Negativity, Self-Care, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Selflessness, Stress/Tension, Suicidal-Thoughts, Tranquility, Unconditional-Love
•    Spiritual: Connecting-with-Christ-Consciousness, Divine-Love, Heart-Chakra, Increasing-Positive-Energy, Spiritual-Love, Unconditional-Love
Known as the Stone of Prophecy, Prehnite boosts prophetic abilities, and is a good stone to use when working with tarot or crystal balls. Prehnite enhances visualization and spiritual "knowing," and aids in connecting with higher realms, including your higher self as well as spiritual and extraterrestrial beings. Lucid dreaming is induced by Prehnite, while dreams are made easier to remember and nightmares are reduced. Prehnite is said to "heal the Healer," and can be used to revitalize your personal healing environment. Put Prehnite in your garden to create a healing sanctuary for yourself. Use Prehnite with energy grids to enhance protective fields, calm, and bring inner peace. Prehnite fosters a strong sense of trust in Universal principles. As such, Prehnite stops hoarding of both possessions and of love by fostering a belief in the abundance and power of the Universe to manifest whatever is needed. Prehnite clears toxins from the body and balances the meridians, and helps you say “no” to unreasonable requests. Prehnite encourages acceptance, emotional release, forgiveness, and compassion. It helps to remain true to self, uplift the spirit and find clarity of heart and mind.
•    Physical: Addictions, Bladder, Detox, Energy, Glands, Gout, Kidneys, Lymphatic-Sytem, Stamina, Urinary-Tract
•    Emotional:  Eases-Tension, Relaxing, Unconditional-Love
•    Spiritual: Healing-the-Earth, Lucid-Dreaming, Meditation
This beautiful stone is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine, both varieties of quartz crystal. It carries the energy of both of these stones, and is a harmonious blend of their energies. This lovely stone embodies the energy of the above crystals, to enhance mental and spiritual clarity, while uniting masculine and feminine energies. As it is a type of quartz it will amplify the energy of the vibration of both of the stones that it is made up of. Its healing energy releases negativity from within the aura, and it aids weight loss and helps you to release your addictions. If are studying, the Citrine energy within this stone helps you to stay focused while using the Amethyst vibration within to helps raises the energies for inspiration. Ametrine is a quartz crystal variety, so like all quartz, is a strong amplifier of energy. They have within them the vibration of Citrine Crystals, which is the energy of the solar plexus chakra and the 'will'. When you combine this vibration with the 'knowing' from the crown chakra via the Amethyst Crystals energy, the resulting mixture is a powerful energetic vibration. Yet the energy of this crystal is altogether different to either of the other stones. Ametrine crystals provide a connection between the higher energies of the crown, and the energy of the physical, from the solar plexus chakra. This connection will aid you to bring your thinking from the physical day to day realm, into the spiritual realm.
•    Physical: AIDS, Alzheimer's, Balance, Circulation, Fatigue, Headache, HIV, Immune-System, Jaundice, Lethargy, Metabolism, Ulcers
•    Emotional: Anger, Anxiety, Concentration, Confidence, Creative-Expression, Creativity, Decision-Making, Fear, Grief, Motivation, Phobias, Self-Esteem
•    Spiritual: Astral-Travel, Balance, Clarity, Connecting-with-Higher-Self, Dreams, Higher-Self, Meditation, mental-clarity, Protection, Transformation
Blue Sponge Quartz
A helpful aid in any issues requiring diplomacy, Blue Quartz is a soothing and calming stone, bringing a relaxing, peaceful vibe to any situation.  Many use Blue Quartz to cleanse the aura and to clear away even the toughest energy blockages. By focusing in on the Third-Eye Chakra, Blue Quartz can help one to connect to higher realms and work with ascended beings, and brings great clarity to psychic visions and enhances dream work. Blue Quartz enhances organizational abilities, self-discipline and orderliness by balancing the Throat Chakra and enhancing communication between upper and lower Chakras.  Using blue quartz also helps to improve one's communication skills, including not only communication with others, but also communication from the higher self into the 3D self.  Physically, blue Quartz is said to enhance the immune system and encourage proper function of the Lungs, Heart, Throat, and Eyes.
•    Physical: Sore-Throat, Sunburn, Throat, Well-Being
•    Spiritual: Aura cleansing, connection to higher self/higher realms, work with ascended beings, dreamwork
•    Emotional: Communication skills between self and other chakras
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