Bee a Man - Organic Beard Wash

$ 15.00



Beard Wash | Organic
Patchouli, Lavender + Pine

This gentle beard shampoo is a luxurious blend of natural + organic ingredients that will tenderly cleanse your furry follicles.....leaving them soft, clean + smelling fine!

Oils that help keep beards strong + healthy are produced by your body, naturally. Washing your beloved beard everyday can strip it of all those good oils, creating a dry + possibly damaged beard. It is recommend that, on average, you wash your whiskers twice a week. Obviously, if you're doing sweaty, dirty man stuff, you might need to wash your beard daily....just keep the cleanser gentle + always follow up with a good beard oil +/or beard balm (we just happen to make those!) The formula is PH balanced, the signature scent is soft, clean + sultry.....making for a happy, healthy + handsome beard.

4 oz | Contained in an aluminum pump bottle

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